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Nursing Home Care

Skilled nursing facilities, Assisted living facilities, independent living facilites and memory care wards.. GoDocs is there for you and your loved ones.

GoDocs patients have the exclusive option of having continuity of care in the event they have to transition from the home to a nursing home, assisted living facility and/or short term rehabilitation stay. Our providers have attending priviledges at many nursing homes, assisted living facilities and all memory care wards. GoDocs is credentialed with Medicare, Medicaid and all supplemental insurances. The transistion period is a dangerous time when important patient information is traded bewteen facilities and doctors and sometimes things get lost in the process. Not with GoDocs..if you're our patient we will make the transition seamless and all your patient information is already secured in our electronic medical record regardless of you location or relocation. We offer 48 hour home visits on all patients discharged from a facility, allowing us to make sure you understand the plan of care going forward! 

Areas of Operation

GoDocs has attending priviledges at the following skilled nursing facilities:

  • Piney Forest Health and Rehab Danville, VA
  • Riverside Health and Rehab Danville, VA
  • Stratford Health and Rehab (Medical Director) Danville, VA
  • Berry Hill Health and Rehabilitation (Medical Director) South Boston, VA
  • Wayland Manor Health and Rehabilitation (Medical Director) Keysville, VA

Hospitals, Skilled Nursing Facility Administrators and Medical Coporate Leaders Value GoDocs Services 

You have a 90 year old patient with multiple chronic illnesses, hard of hearing and a touch of dementia and his rehab stay is coming to a close. This patient will be discharged back to their primary residence and all you can do is hope the patient's support system will maintain the discharge care plan, keep future medical appointments and keep the patient compliant with medications and therapies. If there is a weak link anywhere after discharge and the patient has to go back to the hospital you're facing penalties.  GoDocs has a solution to your problems and we've mastered keeping our patients healthy during and after their stay at your facility! Within 48 hours of discharge a GoDocs Provider performs a house call on the patient and goes over the discharge care plan, makes sure the patient/care giver understand new meds/therapies and works with the specialty Doctors and follow up appointments to ensure the patient is able to continue healing in the comfort of their residence. We offer mobile radiology, mobile lab services, mobile ultrsound, IV therapy and medication delivery to quickly and accurately diagnose and treat accordingly without the patient leaving the home. Not only do we keep the patients healthy after discharge we also maximize the full potential of the nursing home's services throughout the patient's stay. More often than not a patient will be sent to the ED for minimal issues because the attending Doctor doesn't have time to give orders over the phone or can't remember the specifics of the patient in question so they give the all too familiar order: "Send them to the ER". These unplanned discharges are extremely costly to the patient, nursing home and hospital. GoDocs providers utilitize every amenity the nursing home offers in order to avoid an unnecessary ED visit. We see skilled nursing facilities as mini-hospitals and rarely have reason to send a patient out.  Our providers have years of experience treating geriatric patients in a variety of settings. Please call 434.835.4876 if you would like more information on having GoDocs provide attending services or Medical Director Services at your facility.