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GoDocs Mobile Medical Practice

All the amenities of a traditional Doctors office right in your living room!

Too sick to trek across town to the Doctors office? Can't take off work to take parent/grandparent/child to the doctor? Too cold? Too hot? Ambulance transportation to expensive? Maybe you just like the luxury of having the Doctor come to you have the option! GoDocs Mobile Medical Practice offers complete medical treatment including mobile digital xray and ultrasound, full diagnostic mobile laboratory, EKG, IV therapy, physical therapy, occupational therapy and much more....right in your home! You don't even have to get out of your pajamas! We'll send one of our board certified medical providers over and get you back on your feet in  no time! GoDocs also treats patients on the job...we've been in banks, pharmacys, schools and a variety of offices treating patients while they work, saving them time and money! Concierge medicine is no longer just for the wealthy..we've made it affordable for everyone....and FREE for those who qualify! (please see our insurance page for more information on pricing and FREE house calls!) Call us today at 434.835.4876 and experience healthcare the new way...the GoDocs way!

Here's what our patients have to say about our Mobile Medical Practice:

I had no idea what to expect when GoDocs came over to see my grandma for the first time. Leslie Powell, PA-C and Johnathon Tilley, EMT came in the house and were very professional. Mrs Powell did a very thorough exam of my grandma and checked her feet and turned her over in the bed and checked her backside for sores because she is bedridden from declining health.  My grandma had been coughing and running a fever for a day or so.  GoDocs sent their xray people over and they did a chest xray on my grandma while she was laying in the bed! I had no idea that was even impossible. The lab came and drew all the blood work Mrs Powell ordered without having to get my grandma out of the bed. My grandma was diagnosed with pnuemonia. Mrs Powell spent almost an hour with us and made sure we understood everything before they left. They scheduled a follow up appointment and follow up xray just to make sure the pnuemonia cleared up. It is such a blessing to have GoDocs for my grandma. The best part was it didn't cost my family any money at all, GoDocs doesn't charge homebound patients the service fee if they live in the city limits. I will definitely recommend GoDocs to anyone with an older parent/grandparent.

                                                                                                                                                                                               -C. Davis 07/2015

I have 3 kids and whenever one of them is sick I have to take all 3 to the doctors office and it really sucks. It always seems like the other 2 catch something while we're waiting to be seen by the doctor. Last week my son, who is 9, started complaining of a severe earache. My pediatrician's office couldn't see him until the next day and I knew I would wait forever at the ED so I called GoDocs and they were able to come over that afternoon.  Two hilarious bald guys, Dr Lahurd and Micah - I can't pronounce much less spell his last name- but I know he's a nurse in the ED came in and went straight to work. Micah gathered vitals while Dr Lahurd looked into my son's ears and throat. They did a rapid strep test, which was negative but he did have a bad ear infection. Dr lahurd called in some antibiotics and congestion medicine. It was so nice not to have to spend all day waiting for something that the GoDocs guys were able to do in my home in under 30 minutes! GoDocs Rocks!

                                                                                                                                                                                              -A. Haskins  01/2016

I wanted to write a letter of gratitude to GoDocs Healthcare Center in Danville, VA. My father lives in Danville and I live in Northern VA.  My Dad was a capable 84 year old who drove to the grocery store, doctors office, everywhere basically and exercised every day. He was a patient at the GoDocs clinic for a very brief period of time before he fell and broke his hip. We chose GoDocs as his nursing home/rehab doctor after he had surgery because they were already familiar with his medical background from the clinic. It was determined that my Dad had suffered a stroke which caused him to fall initially. The rehab went well enough but my Dad isn't able to drive anymore and lives alone. It was during my Dad's stay in the nursing home I found out GoDocs makes house calls also which is the biggest blessing in the world for us. With my living so far away it would have been impossible for us to manage my Dad's health care needs considering his current condition, but GoDocs Mobile Practice visits dad every month or sooner if needed and I can see his lab results, progress and notes in the  GoDocs online patient portal. It's like having extended family in Danville! If you're considering GoDocs please do..they have been such a lifesaver and blessing to our family. Thank you GoDocs for providing such a wonderful and much needed service.

                                                                                                                                                                                                    -K. Evans  12/2015

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