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GoDocs HealthCare Center

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Family Medicine, Urgent Care Services and So Much More...

All of GoDocs providers and clinical staff are board certified in their specialties. We offer full family medical care coverage and urgent care services for patients of all ages, including digital X-ray on site and full laboratory services. We offer IV fluids, IV medications, joint injections, trigger point injections, pap smears, womens health, psychiatric care, suturing, abscess I & D, and state of the art diagnostic equipment that is only available at GoDocs Healthcare Center! From start to finish GoDocs Healthcare Center makes your healthcare much more relaxing and enjoyable with personalized treatment plans and access to lab/radiology/office results and chart notes 24/7 on our patient portal!

Why Choose GoDocs Healthcare Center?

GoDocs was founded by Dr. Neil LaHurd, DO, Micah Pacifico, RN and Donald Fouts. Dr. Lahurd and Micah have spent years in the medical industry performing bedside care and have witnessed the rapidly declining level of care offered by giant medical corporations in a variety of settings. Healthcare is unfortunately dictated by numbers and most often it's a group of corporate people, with no hands-on medical experience,  making policies regulating patient care, which has a debilitating affect on patient outcomes. You wouldn't hire a plumber to do your the same token financial officers shouldn't manage patient care...but it happens all the time. The priority is profit margins, not patient outcomes. GoDocs, LLC is privately owned and operated by Dr. LaHurd, Micah and Donald. They don't receive funding from local, state or federal programs or medical corporations that dictate how they run their business, which allows them to make decisions that are best for their patients...not the corporate brass who only understand dollar signs. We know how it is to be a patient, we know how to take care of patients and we value the fundamentals of patient care: Kindness, Empathy, and Understanding. The entire GoDocs team strives for perfection everyday, with every patient. If things don't go as you think they should or you feel as though we could improve in an area we encourage you to call won't be transferred to a patient care liason who doesn't really care if you're satisified or'll talk directly to Dr. LaHurd, Micah or Donald. Thank you for reading and we hope you'll give GoDocs a try! Cheers!